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Mix proper amount of product to cover area with two coats. Then mix more as needed. I like to see at least 3 coats but not more than 4 or 5 if spread thin. Thin to win! 5 thin coats for best results! ( if you use 25% of"A" then you use 25% of part "B")  (Always, Always Mix part "A" WELL before pouring any out)

Apply each coat 2 to 3 mil thin with ample dry time between coats (About 20 to 30 min, surface should not be tacky when re-coating) You have about a 70 min pot life, so mix accordingly


Mix the remaining amount of product to apply desired amount of coats. I recommend four coats to start. Keep any unmixed product “seal tightly” for future touch up.

Allow at least 48-72 hour before running the boat. If you can go a week it would be best. If not touch ups are easy.

Do not release your boat until you have backed your trailer into the water.


Go Glide! Be careful!



GatorGlide is a water born product so it is imperative that it is applied in multiple thin coats with ample drying time between coats. I recommend before mixing, marking the containers of both parts “A” and “B” into quarters. The size of the area will determine how much to mix. One quart will cover approximately 50  SQ FT and 1 gallon  200  sq ft on a non-porous substrate up to 5 coats depending on how thin you apply. It is imperative that the surface and the weather are dry. (Don’t apply when it raining or at Night) Any catalyzed coating products should NOT be applied in damp weather if you want to achieve proper curing.


Prepare the surface of a boat bottom by sanding and cleaning thoroughly with acetone. New aluminum I recommend degreasing with a degreasing agent.


Don't apply in or during the rain or at night.( Paint does not dry properly under these conditions... no product does)

Don't apply in the direct sun. (if you did flip your boat on the trailer it is ok to roll into the sun between coats,  then give about three minutes to cool before applying next coat)

Don't apply to thick of a coat. (go back read the instructions...with your glasses and without the bear) Thin to  win!



Do read the directions and call me if you need to!

Be smarter than the paint

See above again