WOW! 1400 pounds of boat, motor, fuel, batteries, trolling motor, etc. I could have pushed this rig right off the trailer and onto the concrete!! 

This stuff is so good, I think it would give a Go-Devil instant reverse!!  [:)]

Thanks David.

 This batch is going on my MoMarsh Fatboy DP layout boat. I got it on my Uncle J Custom 17x54 mud boat and I am extremely pleased with it. In the heavy vegitation where I used to have about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle to get my boat through it, I now can idle with ease. The G2 is fantastic. I had it on the shelf for about 14 months before using it and it still was in great shape. A little pigment settling but a good shake brought it back to color. I know this will help my layout boat a ton.

  ***** (aka Curltail on MMT)   

Mobile (863) 633-8300 to get info now

Tammy From Texas writes

Hi David,

My husband used it and loved it. He used it on his duckboat. It is so funny, he told our son if he uses the duckboat this year to make sure the boat is in the water before unlatching or it will slide right off the trailer!!!! Thanks again and he is definitely telling all the guys he knows about it.

Trey from Texas writes

This stuff is incredible!!! Coated bottom of a 21ft custom flats flounder boat with the gator base… Allowed 48 hrs to cure came back sanded wiped w acetone then layer after layer of G2. Let cure after that for another 5 days. WOW if you aren’t a serious gigger/fisherman/or hunter this is NOT for you!!! Youll get up in places that you never imagined possible!!!! I have to figure how to trailer by myself now……. I run up n throttle down…… She slides back down!!!! This stuff is the BOMB-DIGITY!!!! Was going down canals the other day at 14-1500 rpm lookd down was doing 4.4 knots WOW had to kick outa gear periodically. Then coming up on plane eased up to 2100 rpm and she slowly came out of the hole….. Dude im surprised NASA isn’t beating on your DOOR!!! Ill have some stashed from now on… FLOUNDER GIGGERS READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!


from Lake Okeechobee

We applied the G2 Gator Glide to my 12 foot Thurman. It was a breeze. I had Steel flex with a coat of Steel Flex 2000 over it. We lightly scuffed
the Steel Flex 2000 with some 150 grit on a jitterbug sander. Wiped clean with some acetone. Applied 1st coat with a roller and waited about 20 minutes before rolling on the second coat. The boat was suspended at a 45 degree angle when it was applied. There was no dripping or splatter into your face at all. Very clean process. Comparing to G2 Gator Glide to the Steel Flex 2000 for slickness is hands down G2 Gator Glide is much slicker. I went out yesterday and ran at noon out into some dry ground covered in needle grass. It took very little throttle to break free from a dead stop. I can tell a huge difference over the Steel Flex 2000. As far as wear time will tell but, the little bit of running shows no sign of wear. I will say that the drawback is when unloading. You need to be careful when you unhook your boat because if there is any angle my boat is sliding off the trailer. I am extremely happy with the product from application to performance. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone
looking for a slick bottom coating.


Good Afternoon David,

I ordered the G2 back in March of this year and finally was able to apply last week (after over 6months of sitting up G2 was in great shape). Application was impressively simple and I was able to get 5 coats on the bottom as well! I let the boat hang in the shop for three days before taking for a brief run yesterday. I have to say after reading a few articles, regarding how "slippery" the bottom is and to be mindful of launching/picking up, I suspected a bit of exaggeration....I was wrong, everyone was spot Certainly requires a different technique when launching/picking up. I didn't run the boat through any mud or vegetation but did notice an improvement in performance; boat got up on step quicker and saw a small increase in speed. Certainly a big plus as the reason for application was to aid in maneuvering through mud and vegetation. In any case thank you very much for the support and great product. I'll be placing another order to have some product available for touch up.

 Thank you and very impressed with G2,

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